The OuterBounds movie is the epic culmination of the series, where Gracie, Lilly, Kandace, and their friends face their greatest challenge yet. The OuterBounds is under threat as kids all over the world are losing their dreams and aspirations. The only way to save the day is by excelling in a high-stakes soccer tournament, where they must prove that teamwork and determination can overcome any obstacle.

Animated Film

Kids Education Animation

Bamzy Baby

Large Puppet teaching kids to put their thinking cap on. Currently developing 2d animation series, and 3d animation series. Ray “Bamzy” Manson has developed and written a phenomenal children’s character with books and mascots  performing at middle schools, Pre-schools and high schools with his host of large puppets. Inviting and including everyone to think smart be smart.Developing leaders, transforming minds, and impacting lives. Promoting healthy eating habits, intuitive thinking. 

Plant Based Party!

Plant-based Party uses colorful African-diaspora inspired artwork and lively text to introduce the fun of a plant-based lifestyle to early readers and adults. Written by a 2-year-old plant-based child and his Mother. This mother-son duo entertains the reader while celebrating a child’s birthday that does not eat any meat, dairy, or processed sugar. “EJ” is hard at work, enlisting his parents task to prepare for his plant-based birthday party. The book includes an easy ice cream recipe easy for the entire family to make together. by Eric Collins Jr (Author), Yasmin Gabriel (Author

Fast N Fly

Superhero fast and can solve problems fast. Young Black male from an American city,  develops abnormal speed psychics and mental computations, suddenly finds himself helping others, fighting crime and corruption while he Races through time to save his grandmother’s life. Written and developed by Rod “Cat” Rideau.

Urban Street Cowboy

GTA style game “You can’t choose what family you are born into but you can choose who you become.” Bridging the gap between Teens and Adults that are already desensitized to violence , inappropriate societal behaviors.

Chad The Construction Guy (Series And Game)

Similar to Bob the builder getting youth interested in careers of construction, engineering, and land development